209 Gravatt Road
Papamoa 3118
Tel: 07 574 7942
Mob: 027 574 7942

Weekdays 7:30am-5:30pm
886 Papamoa Beach Rd
Papamoa 3118
Tel: 07 542 5132
Mob: 027 542 5132

Weekdays 7:30am-5:30pm

Our Philosophy

  • Nga Hononga ki te Tamariki — Relationships with the Children
    - nga kaiako empower and encourage the individuality of all tamariki/children.
  • Nga Hononga ki te Whanau — Relationships with the Families
    - nga kaiako/teachers understand the importance of building strong relationships with the families.
  • Nga Hononga ki te Ao Maori — Relationships with the Environment, Community and Wider World
    - nga kaiako create an inclusive environment that supports a bicultural setting where everyone feels valued and respected.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide a stimulating and enriching learning environment that empowers all akonga; tamariki, kaiako, whanau and the community in their individual journey.

Our Vision

To make a positive influence on the mana of every child/tamaiti in terms of their growth and development to eke angitu/achieve success.

Our Values

  • Auahatanga/Creativity
  • Rerekee/Curiosity
  • Kitenga Ahau/Self Discovery

Legend tells us long ago, of a family of whales that became stranded in Tauranga Moana and transformed into three hills; Mangatawa... the mother, Kopukairoa... the father, and Hikurangi... the calf.

Our Koru depicts the waves of Papamoa Beach and our family of legend connecting them to the land and the sea and connecting Whanau and our Tamariki to Papamoa and Tauranga Moana.

We hope that you and your child enjoy our centre.

Please feel free to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have or any suggestions you may offer.